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3B Akademika Chelomeya St., Moscow, Russia

About Federation
Interregional Public Organization Federation
Mixed Martial Arts "Zoloty Vityaz" is working
on moral and physical education of youth.
On the basis of the Federation, organized throughout the year
educational process of groups for children and adults.
Sports seminars and master classes are held,
as well as spiritual and educational and patriotic events
under the auspices of the Mission Center in the name of
St. Joseph, Abbot of Volotsky
and the Forum of Slavic Arts "Golden Knight".


Monday, Wednesday, Friday 18:30 - 20:00
Teens, 12-17 years old
Fighters more often take part in competitions. A separate place is given to the development of speed-power qualities of an athlete.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 20:00 - 21:30
In this group, athletes work according to the program based on possible goals and their own level. Programs: preparation for performance, keeping fit, general preparatory course for a beginner martial artist.
Tuesday, Thursday 18:00 - 19:00, 19:00 - 20:00
Boys, 7 - 17 years old
Combined group
Discipline is the mother of victory!
Alexander Suvorov
The great Russian commander, Generalissimo - participated in 7 major wars, won 60 battles and did not lose a single one.
Features of preparation
We added activities that contribute to the training process.
harmonious formation of a strong personality.
The Federation holds quarterly certification among all branches, where participants demonstrate their skills, deserve the right to represent the club in competitions.
We introduce the fighters to the story. We talk about the great Russian soldiers and commanders.
Tournaments allow an athlete to test their skills
and temper character.
Game training
We invite young athletes
not just train
but also play their favorite games - NERF, football.
Alexander Smirnov
Higher sports education MGAFK, 2 Dan Kobudo Kojutsu,
Gymnastics Gym
Alexey Kuzin
Certified trainer
Thai boxing
and combat sambo
Cyril Zaraisky
Prizewinner of Moscow's winter super grappling cup
Winner of the winter tournament
combat sambo
based on "ZUBR"
Levan Tvaltvadze
Kms in boxing, kickboxing, Thai boxing. Winner of the Moscow Thai boxing championship, winner of the Dynamo kickboxing championship
Choose rate:
One-time training:
For all workouts.
700 rub.
for 8 lessons :
For all workouts.
4 000 rub.
for 12 lessons:
For all workouts.
5 000 rub.
The gym is equipped with everything necessary for effective training:
Board of Trustees:
Father Roman
Spiritual mentor

Nikolay Burlyaev
People's Artist of Russia
Alexey Oleinik
UFC fighter, honorary president
Evgeny Marchenko
The headman of the temple in the name of
St. prp Joseph, hegumen Volotsky
Alexander Smirnov
FSE "Zoloty Vityaz"
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3B Akademika Chelomeya St., Moscow, Russia
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